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Virtual Machines

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Virtual Machines

Virtual machines (VM) are only as good as the hosting environment they occupy. Fast and reliable, they require an equally fast and reliable virtual machine hosting environment. SATHYA Technosoft India Private Limited provides exceptional virtual machine performance.
Our uptime and app performance ensures all your users work at near-real-time speed. If you need virtual machine hosting that delivers results, don’t compromise on performance. Sign up for a risk-free trial today.

Keep your data safe

If you host any kind of virtual machines in the cloud, you doubtless use virtual machine hosting. However, not all VM hosting solutions are equal. Some have a lag when loading machines, while others need sophisticated technical skills to scale resources upwards or downwards.

Virtual machine hosting made simple

If you are looking for a virtual machine hosting solution, you need one that helps you achieve your daily tasks effortlessly. We’ve built our product to ensure that even non-technical people can easily operate their cloud resources. Whether you are an IT manager or run a small business, our solution can help you deploy high-performing Windows virtual machines within minutes.

Designed for Agile operations, Robust protection, Reliable, Scalable and Expandable…!

We assure you enterprise grade performance, Optimized costing with flexible infrastructure, Reliable for access and in-built security as we are ISO/IEC Certified organization. Scalable at any time based on your current business needs.. Seamless Migration with zero risk, end user impact and meagre downtime.

Focus on your Business! Hire us!!

Our expert Cloud Architects work for the Digital Infrastructure of yours…!

Better Insights and Adaptability

Cloud Computing is becoming integral part of the organization’s business and technology strategies. You need data insights to understand the market situation better. It will make your company more adapt at incorporating new technologies.

Feel Secure with experts Suggestions

It's better to leave it to the experts. Also, the scale at which startups are growing makes it difficult for a CIO or someone who is responsible for the IT department of an organization to figure out what size to consider.

Easily Scalable and Affordable

The ability to start small and pay as we go that the cloud offers, plays an important role in digital transformation due to its affordability. Many startups are going cloud native first. We believe organizations require an infrastructure that can scale as they grow. We are your Digital Designers!!

Why Us

SATHYA Technosoft India Private Limited offers the opportunity to configure and run your own VMs based on different technical and pricing options. You can select technical profiles for VMs based on the required computing power, memory, local storage, and GPU capabilities, tailoring the system for your specific workload. You can also manage VMware VMs using SATHYA Technosoft India Private Limited for VMware Solutions.
Choose from a panoply of deployment options to match your pricing needs. A public VM instance that you reserve for a set time in advance is less expensive than a non-reserved system. Alternatively, you can choose a VM based on spot market pricing to handle temporary workloads.
SATHYA Technosoft India Private Limited also enables you to mix and match virtual server and bare metal resources to suit your workload requirements.
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