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1. What is Hosting?

Web hosting is a web space where you can manage your website's files / folders, database, email and lot of features.
A Control panel in web hosting refers to the interface provided by the hosting company for the maintenance and monitoring of the hosted website. Some of the commonly available modules in most control panels:
  • Access to server logs.
  • Details of available and used webspace and bandwidth.
  • Email account configuration.
  • Maintaining FTP user's accounts.
  • Managing database.
  • Visitor statistics using web log analysis software.
  • Web based file manager.
Creating a website is much easier. Just three basic steps are to be followed to create your own website.
  • 1.Register your Domain name
  • 2.Find a Web Host.
  • 3.Build your site.
Registering your Domain name
A domain name is the thing that looks like this: yourdomain.com. Your domain name represents the URL (or permanent web address) of your website. Therefore, when anyone types in yourdomain.com or www.yourdomain.com, they will see your website.

You register your domain name through a domain name registrar or hosting provider(say www.sathyainfo.com).You simply check that your preferred domain name is available, then register it (online).

Domain names are registered on an annual basis, and you can usually register it many years in advance.
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Finding a Web Host
A web host or a hosting provider is a company that enables your website to be viewed by the rest of the world, 24/7. Be careful in choosing your hosting provider.
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Building your website
You can either build your site yourself or use a website builder. First plan your site, Design it by coding/Programming, Upload your files to your site through File Transfer Protocol(FTP), Promote your site, and Maintain it.

SATHYA Technosoft India Private Limited offers you the best and professional web design services for your website needs. Just fill in the Web Design Form for your web design related queries.
Click here to fill the Web design form to register your query. Once your query is processed, you will get a call from SATHYA Technosoft India Private Limited to discuss further related to your web design needs.

You can also make use of SATHYA's Free Templates services for your web design needs. You can choose and edit your desired template according to your need.
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A web server is either a special computer or server for reliable hosting of web sites, or the software application that runs on that server. The two main web server applications used by most web hosting providers are

Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) for windows hosting and Apache for Unix hosting. Both use the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to transfer web pages to your web browser.
Disk space is the amount of data you can store at your web host.

Disk space is usually measured in megabytes. An image is usually under 0.1 megabytes in size. Usually web hosts will give you far more disk space than you actually need (as hard disks are cheap).
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